The shift to a security approach for the full application stack

Discover what 1,150 Security leaders have to say about the shift to a security approach for the full application stack – and learn how application and security teams gain enhanced visibility to work together to address new risks to stay ahead of an ever expanding attack surface.

Rapid cloud adoption and the availability of low-code and no-code platforms has enabled IT teams to accelerate release velocity and build more dynamic applications across more platforms - But this evolution comes with new and evolving security risks.

This report sets out the current challenges facing IT departments. It explores how a lack of insight into security vulnerabilities and a lack of collaboration between IT operations and security teams are leaving some technologists feeling overwhelmed, and putting applications, end users and organizations themselves at serious risk.

You’ll learn

Why 92% of global technologists admit that the rush to rapidly innovate and respond to the changing needs of customers and users during the pandemic has come at the expense of robust application security during software development.

About the early wins and biggest business benefits that some IT teams are already seeing.

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